Develop a strong, clear and professional brand that tells their unique story through beautiful and effective design.

Turn their ideas for their brand into a reality, even if they don't know exactly how to describe the look or feel that they want. 

Get rid of any stress that comes with figuring out how to build a website. 

Attract ideal clients and increase bookings. 

Turn interested visitors into paying customers.

If this sounds like you then you are in the right place!

I work with creatives and small business owners who are looking to...

I am Victoria Miller, Founder of Inspired Tide Design Co. I started Inspired Tide because of my love for design and my passion for helping others succeed in running businesses that they are passionate about. As a small business owner myself, I understand the stress that can come with running a business. Figuring out the tech side, trying to land your ideal clients, generating more sales, and becoming more visible online- does that sound familiar? Well, that is where I come in. I have helped many small businesses owners, creatives and bloggers turn their passion into profits and recognition. Your branding and website design should place you in a position where clients are coming to you and connecting with you, rather than you chasing them. 

A little about me: I love helping creatives follow their dreams. I have been passionate about design, art and everything creative based ever since I was young. So, I decided to take my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to receive a degree in Communication Studies at Widener University, where I studied digital media, marketing and graphic design. I then worked in the cooperate world at one of the largest media and retailing companies in the world. After a couple years I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and offer my design and branding skills. Starting my business gave me freedom to be creative on a daily basis. Seeing my clients reactions once I send them their designs is the best part about my job. Being able to see how confident and excited they are about their brand and the future of their business after they work with me is simply amazing. 

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Every design is made with heart, purpose and dedication

This is where I get to learn about you and your business. We will discuss what you are looking to accomplish and what deliverables you would like to receive. After our consultation I will send you the contract and we will get started right away! *Coffee or tea is on me! 

Creative research is one of the most important steps of the design process. This is where I will pinpoint exactly what your brand & website should look and feel like. I do this by having you answer a creative brief- a series of questions that helps me to best understand your business goals and brand vision. 

Once I gather information from your creative brief I then create a moodboard for your brand. The moodboard is a collage of images that sets the creative foundation and visual representation for your brand. I also use the moodboard to make sure we are both on the same page for the creative direction of the project before we move forward.

The design process is where I get to take the vision for your brand and put it into action. I will create your deliverables that we discussed such as logos, custom design elements, templates, etc. and send them via dropbox. If I am designing your website then I will send you a wireframe, a visual outline of your site, before I start designing! 

If you feel that you need any tweaks or changes before the designs are finalized then I will provide you with a round of revisions. I want to make sure that your brand and website look amazing before it is time to launch! If I design you a website, I will give you quick training on how to easily maintain your site.

Once you are confident about your brand and website and cannot wait to share it with the world, it will be time to launch. Pop the champagne, it’s time to celebrate! I will send you off will lots of encouragement and ideas for how to share your launch. 


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Our Ready-Made Brands are only sold ONCE! Once you buy your brand, we replace the text with your business information. You can have a gorgeous, professional brand within a week without the price tag of a custom brand experience.